Sunday, October 9, 2011

Quick things


We haven't made many posts...  I have been on call which is busy, and Naomi has been getting up at 5:30am so Anne is tired.  Couple of quick things...  We took Naomi swimming at the Hollidaysburg YMCA again today.  They have a warm water (85 degree I think) pool for old people to exercise in, but Naomi just loves it.  Today we had her on her back kicking and squealing and she was trying to do her bath exercises where she spins as well (of course she doesn't realize that she would drown if did them).  She enjoyed jumping and spinning and when we were done and were showering off by the pool she capped the experience by peeing on Daddy.

Also Naomi starts school in 2 weeks when she turns 3.   Early intervention stops then.  It will be sad to see her therapists go... they are almost like members of the family.  I got a chance to visit her school.  Her classroom is cute and we will have to take pictures.  In preparation, Anne has been making outfits for her so here is Naomi's school fashion show...

The black shirt and pants are Naomi's SPIO compression suit.  She has trouble knowing where her body is in space and the suit, by virtue of being very tight fitting, provides constant feedback to help her figure that out.  She has gloves too, which she is not wearing in these pictures.


  1. Okay, the first dress- I made Margot a top from the same fabric. And the second dress! LOVE it!

  2. biggest girl might have to sneak into school and see moey kate