Monday, November 28, 2011


Naomi is a LOT of work.  She doesn't eat by herself and weighs a ton, and she gets bored easily.  Her brain doesn't work normally - she can read and do multiplication (will try to post video - it is amazing)  but doesn't talk or walk.  She likes to get up early

Relaxing at 6:00 am watching a show

It is very tough mentally to keep up with her and we had a tough time before Thanksgiving.  Thank goodness that we have the love and support of family who we couldn't survive without.  Rob's parents, Nana and Grampy came up on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, and Nana stayed 4 days.
Naomi and Nana swinging

 Our refrigerator never looked better!

Anne's parents, Poppa and Grandma also came over during the day and helped out!

Bubba Time

Our garage never was cleaner!

Anne's Aunt Mary, Aunt Jerry, and Aunt Gail were also big help with support and food!  And Uncle Joel is our all the time, man about the place, help for pretty much everything else.

Raising any child is difficult, and one like Naomi, even though she is our angel,  is overwhelming.
Thanks for all the help!

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