Saturday, March 31, 2012

We Haven't posted in a while

Things here have been going pretty status quo.  Naomi finally got a new aide who is great and school has been going much better.  She loves riding in the van to school and encourages it to move when it stops by making noise. At school there has been less crying, less sleeping.  More cooperation with working with her therapists.  She even (begrudginly) made a hat.

Otherwise Naomi has been adjusting to the diet the doctors in Pittsburgh put her on.  She eats much better now probably because she is getting 25% less calories a day.  We have not seen any dramatic changes in her physique yet.  She is still a pretty big girl. 

We had a nice Saint Patrick's day and ate corned beef and cabbage (well Naomi had her fruit tubs).

We have tried new hairstyles...

And Anne knitted a bright Spring sweater

Hope everyone has a nice Easter

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