Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What's Naomi been up to the past month?

Well, lots of things!
     First of all, Naomi's first nanny, Jenn, is back with us!  We love Jenn and Naomi loves Jenn so we are really glad to have her back.  She comes and spends several hours with Naomi every weekday morning.  They have a lot of fun together.  Jenn helps her play with toys, gives her juice bubba, reads her books, pushes her in her swing, takes her for walks in her stroller and cuddles with her.  She is very kind and compassionate and we are very lucky to have her.  She makes caring for Naomi so much easier for both Mommy and Daddy.  We need to get a picture of them together.  They are good friends.

     Then, when Mommy first got back from New Hampshire, Naomi was into not sleeping very much at night, but very into taking long, luxurious naps with Mommy during the day.  Mommy cannot deny that after being away from Naomi for 5 days she enjoyed these naps immensely as well.

I mean seriously, who could resist that cozy Little Bear?

     Sometimes Mommy and Naomi were still napping when Daddy got home from work.  Mommy was able to get awake easily, but a sleepy Bear did not want to get awake so easily.  This was good for Daddy, though, because he was able to move in for a good restful snuggle with Naomi after a long day at work.  So refreshing.

Of course, Naomi has still been going to school three days a week as well.  She continues to LOVE riding in her van.  Some days she has been a really nice girl and has done all of her work at school, other days she decides to not cooperate with doing her work and naps and cries instead.  At school she has painted some pictures, which are really cute, and she made Mommy a Mother's Day card and potted an african violet for Mommy too.  Of course, Naomi gets a lot of help doing these things.  

Naomi also went on her first bike ride!  Her cousin Grace turned 9 in the middle of the month and decided she wanted to celebrate her birthday by having a family bike ride followed by a family picnic.  Neither Mommy nor Daddy are very strong riders, so ever patient Uncle Brent, who is a very good rider, towed Naomi on the back of his bike.  Why is Uncle Brent being described as ever patient, you ask?  Here is a picture of Naomi with Daddy before getting on the bike.  She's being a perfectly nice girl.  

Here is a picture of Naomi on Uncle Brent's bike.  Really loud screaming and crying goes along with that charming facial expression. 

So here's how the bike ride went down with Naomi.  She screamed and cried, fell asleep for a while, then woke up and screamed and cried more.  She didn't stop the screaming and crying until we took her helmet off.  We're not sure if it was the bike seat she didn't like or if it was the helmet.  Either way, Uncle Brent was a really good sport listening to that for the better part of an hour.  Thanks Uncle Brent!

Naomi also at one point decided that she should spend ALL of her days watching shows.  Like many children, Naomi loves shows.  Like many parents, Mommy and Daddy think show time should be limited.  She gets to watch shows while she eats breakfast and dinner (otherwise she won't eat) and when she is in her stander (otherwise she cries for the whole hour.)  We thought this should be enough shows.  We were very wrong.   Naomi would just rage all morning until we gave in and put a show on.  So we compromised and now she gets to watch an extra show after breakfast.  Once we started letting her watch her after breakfast show, she started being a really nice girl for the rest of the morning again.  Never ones to let an opportunity to snuggle with their really cute girl go to waste, Mommy and Daddy usually watch with her too, as pictured below.  

Naomi also got a new swingset for outside.  Uncle Joel spent two days putting it up for her.  He helps us out a lot too.  It has a bucket swing on it just like the one we have hanging in what is supposed to be the formal living room for her, a sliding board that Daddy has put her down a few times (she seems to like it) and a glider swing that she will be able to ride on with another child once we figure out how to securely strap her into it.  (Mommy has some ideas.)  

Naomi also had a grand Memorial Day weekend.  It started on Thursday after school when she went for  her biweekly sleep over at Grandma and Papa's house (her maternal grandparents.)  Naomi LOVES her sleep overs there.  She cried all day at school that day.  The only times she did not cry at school was when she was having an inappropriate nap and when someone would ask her if she was sleeping over at Papa's that night.  So she was rather unpleasant at school.  Once we got to Papa's, however, she was just delightful.  She has a couple of favorite activities there.  She loves swinging on the front porch swing with Papa and she loves swimming in Papa's pool.  It should really be called Grandma's pool, since it was her idea, but all of the grandchildren label everything as Papa's (Papa's house, Papa's car, etc, so we call it Papa's pool.)  She and Papa swung extensively Thursday evening, and Grandma took her for a long swim Friday before her nap.  She spent Saturday at their house as well, swimming with her cousins, napping, and then spending more time on the swing with Papa.  She is very jealous, though, and gets very upset if any of her cousins get on the swing with her and Papa too.  In Naomi's mind, he's HER Papa and no one else's.  There are pictures of this, but not on our camera.  It is over the top, to say the least.  Sunday was the big Memorial Day picnic.  More swimming, more napping, more front porch, and then Naomi got to stay up extra late and watch shows with Papa while Daddy finished playing Horse Race Canasta with Grandma, Aunt Jerry, and Uncle Brent.  By Monday, Naomi was pretty tired and we had a low key day at home, followed by an attempt at swimming that she did not enjoy, and then more time with Papa on the front porch, which she enjoyed very much as usual.  

In other Naomi news, she got some really cute new hair barretts from Daddy's college friends Dave and Devon and their cute little five month old girl, Avery, and, she is refusing to smile for the camera.  See below for the most pleasant expressions we have been able to capture, and for the new flapper girl hairstyle Mommy does with the barretts. 

That's about it for the month of May! 


  1. It looks like the new swing set is a success. Very cute little girl she is.

  2. Looking forward to bringing the girls over for some swinging and playing on the swing set.

  3. Celia used to hate having things on her head (like a helmet when we tried her in the bike trailer...) and she used to LOVE television shows, especially Baby Einstein DVDs. It was frustrating to admit that the show was more comforting to her than we could be at times.
    Glad to hear that you have help, good to read that you're all doing well... We think about you, and Naomi, often. She is beautiful -- especially when she's sleepy, even when she's upset. Just beautiful.