Saturday, June 30, 2012

Naomi's First Trip to the Amusement Park

Today we took Naomi to Del Grosso's Amusement Park, a small park that has a ton of kiddie rides in Tipton, PA.  We went with Auntie Laura and Grant, Auntie Sarah and Uncle Brent with Margot and Grace, and my friend Hass with his boy Max.  It was hot, real hot. 95 degrees hot according to the thermometer at the park.

Naomi had never been to an amusement park, but really liked the train at Christmas (see previous posts) and so we thought the kiddie rides would be perfect.  Things started off pretty good. Naomi rode some simple around and around rides and stayed balanced and was helped by her friends.  It was not very crowded and I was able to put her on and get her off of each ride. On about the fourth ride, we had Naomi and Max in a little car ride that was a two seater.  Although the park was nearly deserted, the teenager running the ride felt the need to wait for the ride to fill up and Max and Naomi started crying before it began.  About halfway through Naomi lost her balance and was crushing Max, and both were screaming.  When the ride stopped, the attendant rushed to the screaming children and pulled Max out, not realizing that Naomi was disabled and couldn't catch herself.  She smashed her face on the side of the ride and chipped a tooth.

We consoled her and rode the train as a family and she fell asleep, stress sleeping.  When she woke up, we tried the merry-go-round but I think the trauma and the heat did her in and we left after about three hours.

Ready to go

This might not be so bad

I am mildly interested

maybe not

It is good to have friends

I don't like the turtles

With my friend Max

Max had the right idea on this one

Things are nor going well

Naomi is trying to drive

Right before the terrible incident

Stress sleeping

I'm done
All in all, a mixed bag.  We want Naomi to experience things, have fun with kids, etc.  On the other hand, because she is disabled and has already been dealt a raw deal we don't feel that anything else bad should happen to her.  Obviously, these two things are not compatible. Kids chip teeth, break bones, get sick doing things. We are going to get Naomi right back on her horse, literally, because tomorrow she is going theraputic horseback riding.  We will put a helmet on her.

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