Friday, August 24, 2012

First Day of School and Shameless Request for Donations

Naomi's new school year started on August 14!  Although she doesn't look it in the pictures below (because she is still refusing to smile for the camera) Naomi was very excited to be back at school.  She has done all of her favoite things already...riding in her van, building people, playing with her friends and teachers, swinging outside, etc.    She has also been doing her work, too, which in her case is physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and visual education.  Now, you may recall me mentioning that Naomi has been sleeping in late in the morning and not napping most of the time, which we were very thrilled about because that kind of schedule works perfectly for school.  It was also really nice for Mommy and Daddy, who were able to put her to bed at 7:30pm instead of 9pm, thereby enjoying an earlier (though still late) dinner and having some alone time together.  So what do you think Naomi did on the morning of her first day of school?  Sleep in until 8am like she had been?  No.  Naomi woke up at 5:45am and has napped 3 of the first five day of school AT SCHOOL.  Sigh.  She's napped all of her non school days too.  And some of her naps were ridiculously early, like at 11am.  Naomi hasn't napped that early since she was about 18 months old and transitioned from two naps to one.  As I always say, when I zig, she zags.  So we are trying to get her back on a good school  sleep schedule, but  Naomi's is the boss of her own sleep and it remains to be seen if she will cooperate.
All dressed and ready in her new First Day of School  Dress Mommy made!

I'm not looking going to smile for the camera, or even look at it. 

Getting loaded into her van!

Strapped in tight and ready to go!

Almost home after her first day.

A good first day it was, too, even if she did inappropriately nap.

Mommy and Daddy's cute girl.

No, I'm not going to smile for you after school either; I just want you to take me to Papa's house to go swimming already.

Thank you for taking an interest in Naomi.  It has been a long, hilarious, horrible road the last three years.  If you have enjoyed our blog (or didn't but are fabulously wealthy) we are trying to raise money for Batten's awareness and research for a cure through a 5k run on October 20th, organized by our awesome friend (and secretary of the Naomi Kathleen Caughey Foundation) Lena Fairless, and a spontaneous and generous jewelry sale for which 20% of proceeds go to the Batten's Disease Support and Research Association organized by my mother's college friend Donna Russello's daughter Diane Bresler.  Please click on the links below for more information and to donate.  Please consider giving to this worthy cause.

This is the link for the Stella and Dot jewelry sale

This is the link for the 5K run - Please join us in October!

Watching an after breakfast show in the morning, all curled up on  her side how she likes.


More napping.

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