Thursday, September 20, 2012


Naomi got to play hooky from school, and we took our (late) summer vacation to Stone Harbor for the week.  We all had a ton of fun.  We rented a house that was right across the street from the Stone Harbor beach patrol that had handicapped access even onto the beach, one block from a park, and three blocks from the main shopping/dining area.  Every day we would go for a walk around 7:00 (a couple days Naomi had been up for over an hour by this point) and get coffee from a shop that looked like Central Perk.  We would then come back and have breakfast and go to the beach.  There were flies everywhere early in the week (Naomi had over 50 bites) so we took some side trips to Cape May and the Wildwood boardwalk.  The fly situation cleared up later in the week and we went to the beach.  Like the last two years we carted her jumper and she loved being in the sand.  This year was especially great because she loved sitting in the sand by the surf and having the waves crash on her.  Friday we sat there for over and hour with her squealing  and laughing!  We also spent some time in the pool.  Like all vacations it was over so fast, but Naomi had a really great time.

Swinging in the park

I love going high!

In my jumper on the beach

Sleeping with Mommy

Lunch at Cape May

Our day at Cape May

Playing in the sand is tiring

Napping Bear

In the pool with Daddy

Two Sea Lions in the surf


Whoa that cold

This is so much fun!

Family photo

My Princess


  1. I know it's never polite to assume that a woman is pregnant. Forgive me. But if it's true, I just need to say that we are OVERJOYED for you. Thrilled, really.

  2. So nice there was a park nearby so she could swing! Looks like a fab vacation. Loved the videos. Gotta make sure to show the girls!