Monday, October 22, 2012

Beating Batten 5K a huge success

Saturday was the big day!  The Beating Batten 5K took place in Staunton, VA and raised over $5,000 dollars for the Batten's Disease Support and Research Association.  The race culminated months of hard work by the organizers, principly Ms. Lena Fairless - the Naomi Kathleen Caughey Foundation Secretary.  She and her helpers, including her husband, Dave Rylak and father - in - law Al Rylak as well as many other wonderful volunteers were up in the predawn hours getting the course set up at Gypsy Hill Park.  In addition to the race itself there was a silent auction and Tastefully Simple table as well!  We also received donations online and through a jewelry sale.  

Naomi and her dad and both sets of grandparents made their way down on Friday.  Naomi's mother was not allowed to go because she was 36 weeks pregnant which was a big disappointment, but also very exciting for our family.  We had a lovely dinner that night and were joined by one of Rob's good friends from college, Beth, and her husband Matt, who came down all the way from Maine.
The day of the race started early, while it was dark.  As the sun came up the weather warmed up and a number of people from all periods of our lives were present.  There were family, friends from college, residency, Anne's school, The Covenent School, when she lived in Virginia and many other new friends who came in support.  It was amazing to see everyone and it is just unbelievable the number of people that Naomi has touched.

After I read a brief statement of thanks that Anne wrote, Naomi led off the race in her stroller and was pushed the entire 5K by her grandparents (she needed shows to watch to make it).  The race went off without a hitch as did the silent auction.  It was really a perfect day.  Anne even got to participate using Facetime on Al's IPAD!  Afterwards Naomi took (begrudging) pictures with her fans.  

Thanks to everyone who participated

Prerace Fuel

Getting set up in the dark
Lena and Dave setting up

The sun is up!

The time keeper

Pre race speech

Lining up to start
And they're off!  Naomi did not like the starting gun

Grandma was a race official
Running by the Covenant School Bus
Al running triumphantly

Auntie Laura pushing Grant and Olivia

Olivia was not stressed about the run
Naomi racing with Dad, Nana, Grampy and Ellen Binder
Dad Finishing

Dr. Hashisaki finishing
Anne's former student Katie Swinson finishing 

Beth and Matt finished strong!
Naomi finishing first in her age group!

Getting post race bubba from Nana

She loves her shows
Naomi was the star!

Naomi posing with Dave and Lena
Naomi posing with Grandma and Papa

Naomi posing with Spencer Burton of the Covenant School

Naomi posing with Beth and Matt

The winners

A beautiful event!

Perusing the auction

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