Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas update

It has been a long time since we posted and it has been very busy with Christmas and the new baby.  I am happy to report that everyone is doing fine.  Naomi continues to adjust to Lydia and views her as a noisy pest but doesn't cry.  Lydia is getting big (up to 12 lbs already at 7 weeks) and appears to be developing normally. She, unfortunately, doesn't like to be put down even for a few minutes so that has made it difficult to get anything done!  Here are some pictures from our holiday season.  Hope all of you who read had a good holiday and have a safe and happy new year!

I am trying to watch my show

Naomi getting ready for her school party - notice the stylish feather in her hair

Getting some exercise

Morning snuggle can be tough

Naomi always makes time for the camera

Mommy and her girls

Naomi bundled up for winter

The girls hanging on the couch

Naomi in her dress Anne made for church on Christmas eve

The girls on Christmas Eve

Naomi goofing off at church.  She let out a huge squeal of delight during Silent Night

At Grandma and Pappa's with Cousin Grant after church

A posed picture with Santa's fattest Elf

This will not last long

OH! It's an angry elf!

Opening presents in the living room

Spinning with Pappa is a pretty good present

In her PJ's ready for bed.  Santa will be coming soon!

Christmas morning - we had a White Christmas

Santa came!

Christmas Morning

The girls stockings that Anne made.

Naomi got special juice and food in her stocking

Naomi is excited

Naomi got a table to help with standing from Santa

She did really well this Christmas but got overwhelmed and had to be calmed with books

Notice the sad tear on the left side of her face

Naomi got an ornament from Santa

Naomi got mommy a lion figurine because she is Mommy's best lion

Grampy and Nana came up for dinner.

More presents for the girls

Naomi outside in the cold in her new wagon

She loved it!

Naomi with her new doll Clementine

The two "friends"

Naomi is tired of pictures by now

Cuddling with Clementine after Christmas

Watching shows with Clementine in her new rocker from Grandma and Pappa

Sled riding with Grace and Margot after christmas

Bundled up!

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  1. LOVE Naomi's Christmas dress. So beautiful. And Lydia as a little elf is RIDICULOUSLY cute.