Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sleeping troubles, Hunger Strike, and Dinosaurs

It has been an uneven couple of weeks for us here. Some days are like this:
And other days are like this:

Naomi has been running off and on low grade fevers up to 100.1.  Last time this happened she had a UTI and was put on Bactrim.  So we put her on it again for a week.  This, in addition to us letting her nap more because she seemed tired lead to some serious sleep problems:

Early naps: and even worse she was up at 5:30 for most of the week.  

Then in the middle of the week she stopped eating solid foods again.  Just like in the past, clamping shut, sticking her lower lip under her upper lip and refusing to swallow.  Every time it happens we wonder: is this the beginning of the end?  Will she start to decline?  It is so stressful.  She did sleep in to 7:30 this morning so maybe things will start to turn around.  We are keeping her on liquids for a week.

Not sleeping, activating toy with head
Today we did something different.  The Dinosaurs came to Altoona.  Discover the dinosaurs is a roving "zoo" with different dinosaurs set up in exhibits.  We decided to take the kids.
The line wasn't too bad, but there were a lot of kids there.  Initially Naomi did okay in line.
She was acting like her silly self

Unfortunately, it was loud and dark and had a lot of flashing lights and Naomi started to cry.  She did not enjoy the exhibits at first.  There were maybe 10 life sized dinosaurs that moved and roared set up like a zoo We ended up going through pretty fast:  Even the little one was alarmed.

Example of dinosaur -were they really blue?

Naomi needed to be comforted by Dad

Naomi required much comforting in the beginning.

We made her participate however

Naomi getting eaten by Allosaurus

This led to the stop hand - it works on dinosaurs too

Naomi had a lunch bubba infusion and we went down to the bottom level which consisted of a gift shop, a ride on a triceratops and some fancy dinosaur bouncy castles.  There was also face painting

Things perking up
We decided to put Naomi on the triceratops ride.  It was about 10 feet off of the ground.  As you can see it didn't go over great.  Although I think if we did it again she would like it.

After the triceratops ride Naomi and Daddy had some play time.  She really got in a good mood and we went back up and looked at all the exhibits again without any crying.

Lydia about to get devoured by T-rex

Look out!

All in all an uneven week, but really par for the course.  Hopefully Naomi will sleep well tonight and start to return to her old self that we love.

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