Monday, April 22, 2013

Tomorrow is a big day (hopefully)

Tomorrow Naomi is scheduled to have her feeding tube and MRI at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.  It has been a rough couple days getting to this point.  Last week, Naomi had a cold that lasted for over a week and was put on antibiotics.  Inexplicably, even during the stuffy nose part of things, she was eating great - better than she has for 3 years.  She would eat her breakfast oats, and then yogurt for lunch, and then would eat a baby food meal (chicken and stars for example) for dinner.  She has not eaten that well in a looong time.   It made us rethink putting the tube in.  

Then the weekend hit.

I (Rob, Naomi's dad) woke up with a stomach flu on Saturday and was incapacitated for 48 hours.  Unfortunately, Naomi began having horrific gas on Saturday as well and then began having what we refer to as "blow outs" Sunday evening.  She has persisted through out the day today and stopped eating and drinking well over the last two days.  I haven't had much appetite either, except I know that I need to drink something even if I don't feel like it. It is hard to convey that to Naomi.  We talked to the hospital and unless she fevers the surgery should still be a go.

 We are obviously nervous, maybe more about what the MRI might show than the feeding tube.  Hopefully, we can get this done.  Nothing is easy.