Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Naomi is 5 today!

Naomi turns 5 today!  

Here's our girl moments after she was born. 

Our first family picture.

Naomi on her first birthday doing one of the things she loves best...swinging.

Naomi at her first birthday party.

Naomi on her second birthday.

Naomi all dressed up in the dress and hat Mommy made for her party.

Naomi with her cake!
She loved Eeyore that year. 
She loved smiling for the camera when she was 3.
Naomi on her 3rd birthday!
Naomi's third birthday cake.  She loved the old Sesame Street cartoon Ladybug Picnic. 

She likes being a princess.

Naomi on her fourth birthday in her corn bin Uncle Joel made her.  

Naomi at her 4th birthday party.  She was sick and had a fever.  Poor baby.  

This was the year she cried at her party until we had to put her up in her room for some alone time.  We brought her back down after all her guests left and when she looked around and saw everyone was gone she smiled and  laughed and was pleasant the rest of the day. 

Naomi this morning all ready for school on her fifth birthday.  We have a big party planned for Sunday!

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