Sunday, March 23, 2014


Here is the Most Annoying Person in the World...
according to Naomi, at least.  Mommy and Daddy find her to be quite charming. 

Here Naomi's Most Annoying Person in the World is demonstrating where her ears are. 

Here is Most Fascinating Person in the World...
...according to Lydia.

This is how Naomi feels about Lydia's fascination with her:

The result of Lydia's fascination with Naomi is that Naomi has to endure Lydia wanting to do everything she is doing and generally be up in her business all the time. 

For example, this:

And this:

And this:

Here Naomi is trying to play with her ipad at her new desk she got for Christmas:

                                                             Lydia is invasive, at best.

Sometimes Naomi is tolerant.  Other times not so much. 

A pretty typical interaction is show in the photo montage below.

Remember Naomi puts her face down on things she likes. 

Lydia "helping."

Lydia is starting to get frustrated with Naomi having her head on the ipad so much.  

So she decidesto use Naomi's hair to pull her head off of the ipad. 

Lydia responds to being reprimanded by throwing herself on the floor in a very fake tantrum.

She quickly recovers, and has some more lunch.
And then goes right back to her old tricks. though without pulling this time.  Mostly just less than gentle pushing.  

and more unwelcome "helping."

She briefly follows the direction to "Just look."

Very briefly

Naomi silently pleads for relief.

Lydia trying to see around Naomi's head.

I'm fairly certain Naomi was picking on Lydia at this point.

She IS exceedingly pleased with herself. 

Until Lydia retaliates...

and steals the ipad away.  Of course Mommy took it and gave it back to Naomi.  Repeat the tantrum picture from above.  

Naomi is smug when the ipad is restored to her.  Lydia is chastened. 

Finally they play nicely together.  
Lydia generally wants everything that is Naomi's.  Not only her ipad, and whatever toys she is currently play with, but also her feeding syringes, and of course her bubbas.  
She doesn't do anything with them, other than carry them around like a prize.

Interestingly, Naomi has been interested in rolling on to her belly again.  She's so big she has trouble getting her arm out once she gets over, but with a little help she likes to hang out there for a while, rather proud of herself.  We call this "Bear on a belly!", which Naomi loves.

The ever present Chronicus Pesticus hovers in the background...

ready to pounce...

and give Naomi an extended hug.  She really does love Naomi.   

More Bear on a Belly.
When she is ready, she rolls quite efficiently on to her back.  She hasn't forgotten that.  
Since Naomi has been more interested in being on her belly recently, we have also been practicing balancing on her hands and knees.  It has been years since she was tolerant of practicing this with me.  And we have also been practicing 'tuck and sit', or getting out of being on her hands and knees by sitting back  and up into a sitting position.  She used to be able to do that independently about 10% of the time, and with some degree of assistance most of the time.  For a long, long time she would just lower herself on to her belly and roll over, while screaming. but she has been tolerating practicing tuck and sit too.  It is nice.  I like being able to work with her physical therapy exercises again.

Naomi has also been up to her occasional afternoon school naps.
This was a pajama day on one of many, many more cancelled days of school.  

This is why school was cancelled so much. 
Another afternoon nap, this one after a school day.  I have no idea how that is comfortable.

And of course she has been engaging in her other usual activities.
Snuggling with her Kitty Marie while listening to her songs and looking out the window. 
Snuggling with Mommy and watching the Wonder Pets before bed.

Having a Mommy and Bear Snuggle Day on a weekend.  

Having Mommy and Bear Snuggle Day invaded by Lydia, who for some reason has food on her face again.  She usually is clean.  Really. 

In other big news, Naomi was a really, really, really good girl at school last week.  She did all of her work and had no tantrums and got all of her stickers on her snowman.

So she got to pick a prize out of the prize box.  She reached in and pulled out this necklace.  She wore it home from school.  She is extremely proud of her necklace and smiles like the butcher's dog anytime we put it on her or tell anyone about how she got it.  Of course she was very pleased to model it for the camera too.  

Lastly, Spring is finally here!  We love Spring around here.  We are still waiting for the telltale changes in the weather, though.

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