Thursday, June 12, 2014

Late Spring Update

Where has the time gone?  We've been busy doing some big things for Naomi and not so busy just loving living with our two girls.  There have been many, many, many long afternoon walks with Mommy and the girls.  And many evenings spent wandering around the yard.  Naomi and Lydia both love being outside.  After all those months of that especially long, especially cold, especially snowed-in winter we had, we all just want to be outside in the sunshine and the fresh air.  We've been so busy having fun that we've barely taken any pictures of the girls.  Which I feel a little disappointed about because they will never again be the girls we didn't photograph so much these last two months, but sometimes it is nice to be fully in the moment and not behind the lens of a camera.  Oh well.  There are "disappointments" in life like not taking enough pictures and there are DISAPPOINTMENTS in life like your first born child never reaching any developmental milestones past the 4 month mark.  And we very well understand the difference.

Lydia has become wild and silly and affectionate and oh so playful and full of herself recently.  She loves to give us hugs, running toward us at full speed, arms out stretched and then taking a last flying leap in to our arms.  It's intoxicating to be loved so fully and unabashedly.  We soak it up, knowing that this season with her, like all seasons, won't last forever.

Naomi has been pretty good recently.  We have had her usual runs of 5something am wake up times for a week or so at a time, but she has been doing very little screaming recently, and for that we are thankful.  So very thankful.  The screaming grates against our compassion in a way that is very painful and difficult to endure.  She finished up her last year at preschool last Friday.  She has 6 days of summer school in late June and July, but her time there is essentially over.  It is hard to say good bye to that season in her life.  She has been so very happy there and so very loved and understood.  She has grown so much socially and emotionally.  Such a big girl these days.  And her teachers and staff were beyond wonderful in every way.  She had her end of the year performance last week too.  It's when the class gets together and performs a few songs and routines from their school day.  I always love it.  I went to school with Naomi one day the week before and was able to help her practice.  I am so glad I got to do that.  She was smiling and laughing the whole day.  Her teaches said she was that way for every practice.  Unfortunately, she got very upset for the actual performance and was ramping up to her fire drill sire scream.  I had to intervene to settle her and keep her calm.  I think she was unsettled by all of the people in the audience.  Naomi does not deal well with sudden change and the environment was different than what she practice.  We felt bad.  We can't help but wish she had been her silly cute fun self for everyone to see, rather than her upset, screaming, unsettled self. She did get to hold the flag at the beginning and was happy doing that part, but it was during the songs which she enjoyed so much every other time that she got upset.  Poor Naomi.  We so often feel like we can't win.  Plus, Daddy, Grandma, Poppa, Nanny and Grampy who all came to see her performance didn't get to really see her perform.  Oh well.  Like I said before about disappointments...
Lydia, Grandma and I, and Cousin Hannah, who has been going to school with Naomi as her aide off and on since she came home for the summer after her freshman year of college several weeks ago, all went to see a slide show of pictures from the school year on Friday and then went to a local outside ice creams shop to celebrate the last day of school.  Naomi declined the taste I offered her, but she did enjoy sitting out in the sunshine with all of her friends from school.
I love my girl so much.

Clementine and I are trying to watch a show already. 

Naomi participating in dying Easter eggs by  being in the room and not screaming, whining or crying.  Admittedly,  she was watching a show. 

Naomi with her kitty pillow the Easter Bunny brought her. Naomi loves kitties.

Naomi tasting a marshmallow peep on Easter morning.  She did not enjoy it and let it fall out of her mouth.  She also tasted chocolate.  It did not fall out of her mouth because it melted first. 

All ready to get on the van and go to school. 

Naomi proudly displaying her butterfly mask she picked for being good at school and getting all of her stickers on her chart again. 

Naomi relaxing in her bean bag chair and listening to her songs. 

Princess Naomi and Lydia going for a wagon ride. 

Naomi all snuggled up asleep with Kitty Duchess and her cozy blanket at night.

Naomi and Lydia on the swing set. 

Lydia requested that all of these ribbons be put her her hair.  She likes to do this. 

Mommy trying to calm and\ upset Naomi at her school performance.  She settled and smiled and laughed briefly and then remembered that she was upset.

Naomi being held by Mommy during her performance.  

Naomi and her friends getting their certificates.

Naomi thinks she is hilarious when she chews on her rag and won't let you take it out of her mouth.  She does this to Daddy at night when he tries to brush her teeth too.  She thinks that is even more hilarious.  

Lydia likes to perform for herself in the mirror.  

She also likes to run through the sprinkler in the garden and get covered in mud. 

Naomi is modeling her costume for her end of the performance.  It really was so cute. 

Naomi all ready for school on her last day of preschool. 

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