Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rob's First Post - dinner war


I am the other "writer" on this blog.  I am not nearly as skilled a writer as my wife but will try to get my point across.  My goal is to try to emphasize the human and humorous side of Naomi, because even though it is very difficult coping with the global situation, on a day to day basis she is a vibrant, hilarious little girl.  She has a lot of personality and is not afraid to show it.  Two nights ago I was feeding her dinner and, well, it turned into a war.  She is a difficult eater, and basically she eats soy yogurt (milk allergy) begrudgingly, and gerber fruit mixed with grain tubs eagerly.  She will also eat oats.   Not a big fan of meat or vegetable or much with texture ( all of which we are working on).  So two days ago I made beef tenderloin, baked potatoes, and garlic... I am least skilled when it comes to cooking between the Caughey brothers, but this was pretty good.  We took a little of each and blended it to a puree for Naomi.  Now that might sound kind of gross, but it was really good... think of it as something the astronauts might eat.  Well, Naomi did not agree.  We spent 45 long minutes engaging in a food war.  I would put a bite in, and she would do "food factory" which is when she spits out the food instead of swallowing it.  She has mastered this as well as just letting it sit in her mouth for several minutes and not swallowing.  Eventually I got her to eat a tub of fruit crap and yogurt and I think this picture shows the battle wounds she sustained. For my part I had several stains on my pants, shirt and a yogurt splotch on my glasses.  I would give the battle victory to her.

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