Friday, September 2, 2011

Morning Routine

I thoroughly enjoy our morning routine with Naomi.  The only significant changes were at 6 months when she started sleeping in her crib in her own room and at 16 months when she went from breastfeeding to bottle feeding.  Otherwise, it is the same pattern.  Because Naomi can't get out of bed and come find us when she wakes up, we still keep the baby monitor on.  Most mornings we hear her getting awake, usually around 6:30am, harrumphing around in her bed.  Sometimes she wakes up with an explosion of kicks (sounds like thunder) and laughter.  But regardless, we wait to get her until she calls for us.  Sometimes she likes a little personal time in the morning.  When she is ready to for us to get her, she calls out "Ah. Aaahhhh."  Rob goes and gets her out of her bed, changes her diaper, and brings her to me in our bed.  Then he goes to get her morning bottle, or bubba. as we say.  Naomi and I snuggle in bed for 20 minutes to an hour, drinking bubba, singing songs, and playing.  Naomi prefers to drink her bubbas while I sing to her and she has a specific catalog of songs she likes,  such as Oh, Holy Night, Auld Lang Syne, Moon River (with made up lyrics), Hush Little Baby and some songs I made up.  She also knows which song she wants to hear, and if I am singing the wrong one she will holler out an emphatic 'Ah!' repeatedly until I get to the right one.  It is a little ridiculous.  I do most of the singing, but sometimes Naomi sings to me, which I love.  Her singing is mostly vowel sounds that she brings up and down in pitch and it is really cute and really funny.  Naomi is definitely a morning person and is at her happiest and most charming when she first wakes up.  I am not a morning person, at all, but she is so utterly delightful in the morning that I now look forward to her waking up and starting us on our day.

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  1. I remember thinking that each night as a parent is like Christmas Eve to kids. Each night I got to bed, I can't wait to wake up and see the kids again- what they'll say and do.