Monday, September 26, 2011

My Favorite Time of Day

My favorite time of day with Naomi is her bath time.  This is usually around 7:30.  I like to pick her up and take her up our front stairs.  She always giggles on the staircase, I guess because she loves her bath.  I lay her on the spare bed, and she almost immediately starts kicking and squealing with delight.  I fill her tub and talk to her, then strip her down (which she loves) and put her in the tub.  She has two main activites: kicking vigorously which leads to me getting wet and her some times opening the drain, and spinning where she pushes against the side of the tub and cranes her neck forward to rotate in the tub.  I sing her favorite songs to her and she laughs and smiles.
     After about a half hour, I wash her and then have my favorite part.  I pick her up and lay her on her towel on the floor.  I wrap her up like an ear of corn - see below

I then tell her that we need to dry her face and I cover it up and say "Where's Naomi?" 
 and wait until she hollers and say "peekaboo"
I then tell her we are going to dry her hair and tell her we are going to count to 3.  I count to three and the rumple her hair with the towel -  She loves it.

You'll notice her wild hair - so cute!

Finally I hoist her up to her delight and we go and get dressed.  That's my girl!

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