Sunday, September 4, 2011

Family Picnic

I'ts Rob writing again.  My family has a picnic at their boat club every year.   I have been going since they joined when I was two.  It is a Labor day tradition.  We have been taking Naomi since she was born.  This year it was hot!  94 or so.  We got there around noon and went for a nice boat ride on the Allegheny river.  Naomi drank her Splash bubba and fell right asleep.

Unfortunately she only sleep for a half hour.  She was a good girl and participated in the activities for the kids as best she could.  There was a horse that we sat her on.  
But boy was it hot.   She was getting flushed, so we filled her baby pool up with water that couldn't have been more than 70 degrees.  At first she cried, but then she splashed and loved it.  Every time she would kick, the sprayed water would feel like daggers in our skin it was so cold.  Maybe Naomi should go out for the polar bears!

At 5:00 we had dinner - it is always the same.  Kielbasa, hot dogs, corn, sauerkraut.  Delicious.  We left Pittsburgh and were home by 8:00 - every one exhausted.

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  1. Naomi looks so cute sitting on the horse. Looks like she had lots of fun despite the heat. It was hot. We escaped the heat and went to the movies.