Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Plague

Naomi is on the mend.  She started feeling better Thursday and, other than some residual hoarseness, was pretty much acting like her old self today.  Lots of laughing, doing her 'yoga', playing with toys.  Mommy, however, is now sick.  She came down with pink eye on Thursday, started having flu like symptoms on Friday, and has been in the throes of fever, chills, aches, sore throat and headache all weekend.  If this is what Naomi had, no wonder she was so sad and sick.  We hope this is what Naomi had, because we don't want her to get this too.  The new development for today is that Daddy seems to be getting pink eye.  We're hoping he doesn't get sick too.  The most disappointing thing about all of this is that Naomi is going to miss probably another week of school (because Mommy goes as her aid and Mommy can't go if she is sick and has pink eye), which means we we will be back to trying to get her used to it again.  Once Naomi gets adjusted to school, she loves it, just absolutely loves it, but getting adjusted is hard.  We were mostly through the struggle to get readjusted after Christmas break, but being off sick last week, and probably missing this week too, we will be back at square one.  That is frustrating, even more frustrating than Mommy being sick.  We just want her to have fun and enjoy her life.

                                                   So sick.  She just wanted to lay on Mommy.

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  1. Pink eye is so contagious. Whenever anyone in my family has it I treat it like it is the plague and I wash (sheets, towels, blankets, pillows etc) and disinfect everything (door knobs, light switches etc.)