Sunday, January 15, 2012

A trip to the Hospital

The Caugheys made an emergency trip to the hospital for Naomi last night.  She had had a cough and some hoarseness for a couple days but spiked a fever to 104 yesterday afternoon.  The last time this happened Naomi suffered a significant regression and stopped using her hands.  Unfortunately this means that we can't mess around. She was sweaty and glassy eyed and we hit Altoona ER at about 6:30.  Naomi got an IV, blood drawn, a urine catheter and a chest x ray.  She barely cried, she is such a good girl.  She kept biting her pulse oximeter off of her finger.  Everything came back okay except for her white blood cell count indicating that she had an infection.  She got antibiotics and was kept overnight.  We got to our room at 12:30 am.    Her fever was okay until 7 am and it spiked again to 103.  They gave her some tylenol which brought it down.  The doctor came in and said she had croup/upper respiratory infection and that we could go home.    She enjoyed the stay as she got to watch many shows.  She found the nebulizer hilarious.  She has been doing better since we have been home, but we have to be vigilant about the fever and take her temp frequently.  Just another scare and now we wait to see if the fever will cause any more regression.  

I don't feel good

My stop hand is bandaged and I am sweaty

Mommy is tired but takes good care of me.  
I have had enough
Getting my dragon nebulizer at home

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