Saturday, November 24, 2012

Living With Sister

Lydia just turned two weeks old and she has brought many changes and challenges for Naomi and the rest of us.  The new baby is very different from the way Naomi was as a baby.  Naomi was "too good".  She never cried, she would lay for hours seemingly content.  We didn't know that wasn't normal.  We thought we were lucky and didn't get a fussy baby.  Lydia seems very normal.  She fusses and cries.  She wants to be held all the time, especially by her mommy.  It makes us feel like " how could we have not seen it sooner?"  And every normal thing the new baby does echoes the fact that Naomi did not act the right way.  Everything is bittersweet and the sad truth is that we will never experience pure joy with anything Lydia does.

However, Lydia has given us hope for the future as well.  With Naomi having a fatal illness, the future was filled with anxiety, fear, and sadness.  Those are still there; the shoe is always ready to drop.  Now there is something positive to look forward to.  God willing, Lydia will walk and talk and grow up.

Naomi is starting to adjust to her little sister.  She doesn't cry nearly as much when Lydia cries.  She has gotten a lot of extra attention - riding the train at the mall, going swimming, a lot of one on one time with Daddy.  Here are some pictures.

The Girls Napping

Relaxing on Santa's Train

Watching a show with Lids
I still love to swing - check out my corn bin!

Fun with daddy

My own personal show machine

Maybe Lydia isn't so bad

I am still prettier

Daddy you are so funny

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