Friday, November 9, 2012


This blog is about our family's life with Naomi and today Naomi's life got a bit more complicated.  She now has a baby sister - Lydia Eleanor Caughey.  Born at 9:48 am, she weighed 7 lbs 12 oz (compared to tiny Naomi at 5 lbs 6 oz) and was 20 inches long (compared to 17.5 inches).  She cried when she was born and cried when she got her first shot which Naomi didn't do.  She doesn't have single palmar creases, she has good tone and is very active unlike Naomi was.  She got a clean bill of health from pediatrician and does not have hip dysplasia.  In short, she appears to be completely normal for which we are so thankful.  

Naomi did not come to the hospital today.  She is going to meet Lydia tomorrow.  Anne and I Facetimed today and I showed Lydia to Naomi on the IPhone.  She has never touched the iphone before and when she saw Lydia she reached down and swatted her away.   I think this is going to be difficult.

Waiting before the C-section

Getting ready!

Happy Birthday Lydia!

You were mad!

Holding Daddy's finger in the nursery

So Cute

I don't like shots

Mommy and Lydia

Daddy and Lydia

She is chubby!

Time to burp


  1. She is just beautiful and you and Anne look so happy. I think after some time Naomi is going to really love her baby sister. may take awhile! LOL

  2. Lydia is beautiful, as is her name (we're obvs kind of partial to Eleanor). We're so happy to hear she's well. Congratulations to your entire family. Looking forward to following along as Naomi and Lydia learn to get along. Hoping the adjustments go smoothly for all of you...

  3. Love the pictures! As I have learned a little sister is the best thing that can happen to a big sister. I'm talking about Grace and Margot here but let's be honest I was the best thing to happen to you Anne. Haha!