Monday, July 15, 2013

Naomi's First Vacation

Naomi had a big week last week and took her first vacation alone to Nana and Grampy's!  It started last Saturday when we came into Pittsburgh for a picnic with Anne's college friends.  It was nice seeing everyone with their families.  Naomi stayed for a while and then Nana and Grampy came to pick her up to take her swimming.  Lydia had to stay with Mom and Dad and played in the grass.

We stayed at Nana and Grampy's overnight where everyone was a little silly

The next day we went to the zoo to look at a more permanent arrangement for Naomi.

We decided to keep her and had a nice day at the zoo.

We went home that day but were back in Pittsburgh on Thursday for Naomi's doctor's appointment in Pittsburgh.  They changed her feeding tube and the nutritionist told Anne that we were going above and beyond giving Naomi a healthy blended diet.  

Naomi then started her vacation!  She stayed at Nana and Grampy's while the three of us went back to Hollidaysburg.  The first night Naomi went to the boat club where my parents have a boat.  Because of all the rain, the boat was not in, but she had a great time swinging.  She went to bed like a good girl and was ready for the new day at 6:00.  That led to an early morning walk with Nana.  Notice it is still a little dark out.

She got a chance to read books and act silly.

Playing with Nana and Eeyore

And getting her hair done by Nana

Then it was back to the Zoo where Naomi always seems to have a good time.  I think she does like the animals, but she also likes to walk and have people around too.  She likes to go go go just like Nana and Grampy.

So pretty with the bow in her hair

Excited to be there - this is Nana's Hairdo...

Naomi checking out the Elephants.

And the goats with Grampy's help

After the time at the zoo, Naomi went back to the boat club and did some more swinging and lauging and playing.  Then it was time for bed with some more silly time.

The next morning Naomi was up early again to play with Nana and Grampy.  She really likes the skylights in the house!

She went swimming with Grampy and then made the drive back to Hollidaysburg to see her parents and sister.  She had a wonderful time and we had a nice rest.  Naomi is definitely looking forward to her next vacation.


  1. I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of Naomi with her other Grandparents. I especially loved the ones of Nana doing her hair! I'm glad they all had a great time!

  2. So nice to see that Naomi had a good time and it looks like Nana and Grampy did also.