Sunday, August 18, 2013

A trip to the beach

Hello!  We just got back from the beach last week and Naomi had a great time.  We left on a Friday headed for Richmond and then to the Outer Banks.  We brought along Anne's Aunt Jerry Jo to help with the kids.  To accommodate everyone as well all the stuff we needed to bring we rented a Ford Econoline van and took the back two seats out.  
We took a ton of stuff including a laundry basket full of toys, and one full of books.  

We left at around three and inexplicably, Naomi fell asleep in the driveway and slept for 3 hours.  Lydia napped too, and the first part of the drive was great.  Then we hit Fredericksburg, VA and sat for an hour.  We pulled into the hotel in Richmond frazzled.  The next morning after her long nap, Naomi got up at 4:15 am.  She watched shows with Aunt Jerry (thank God for Aunt Jerry!)  and then I took the monsters for a walk around the hotel.

They were a little cranky.

We left at 9:00 and hit an accident on I-64 and sat in traffic to get on the Outer Banks for 2 hours.  We got to the house at 3:30.  It was miserable, but the girls we pretty good.  Lots of shows.

We were staying in Nags Head in a big house with Rob's high school friends Bill and Sarah, Joe and Chris with their 15 month old Karl, Phil and Missy with their two girls Katie and Anna, and Dan and his wife Jennifer.  We got settled and had burgers for dinner.  The house was right on the beach and had three floors.  Naomi got her own room.  

Every day was mostly the same.  Naomi the rooster would get up early, usually before 6:00 am.  Daddy and Naomi would listen to music and then Aunt Jerry would take over at 6:00 am (Thank God for Aunt Jerry!) and take Naomi for a long walk which Naomi loved. Daddy would go back to sleep.  Lydia would get up and we would go up to the common room/kitchen for play time.  Lydz enjoyed motoring around the coffee table and playing with toys.  Naomi would watch some shows (Lydia would too)

Naomi relaxing in the morning on the couch
Lydz would nap and Daddy would haul all the stuff down to the beach.  This included a pack and play for Lydia, usually Naomi's jumper and involved setting up the tent.
Lydz in her cage

We would then spend time at the beach.  Naomi really enjoyed laying on her blanket under the tent.


The best part of the beach was taking the girls down by the water.  We called it being sea lions in the surf.  Naomi loved it and so did Lydz.

Two sea lions heading for the water

Having a conversation
Here is video of the two sea lions

Lydia got into the action too

All that playing was tough on Naomi

So sometimes she would take a nap

We also got in the hot tub some

And one night we flew kites

Phil, Missy, Bill, Katie and Anna

Naomi flew her kite with her leg
And then just as it seemed we got down there, the vacation was over.  We packed up and went home.  The girls had a great time, and we couldn't have had such a good time with out Aunt Jerry.  Embarrassingly, we did not have a good photo of Aunt Jerry, but make no mistake, she was the vacation MVP.

Chris, Karl, and Joe
Jennifer and Dan

Katie, Anna, and Lydz

Bill, Dan, Rob, and Phil


  1. looks like a fun time was had by all! The girls enjoyed watching the video of Naomi. We were hoping to see a video of Lydia in the surf.

    1. Tell them we have video they can watch next time you are here.

  2. Hello, I have created a page on Facebook called Running for a Cure. I am trying to organize a 5k and half marathon to raise money to give to the BDSRA. I have been given permisssion by some parents to share their stories on my page and was wondering if I could share Naomi's. You can take a look at my page here and also private message me there; I will be praying for your precious Naomi and for you family ♥ God bless, Denise Larson