Thursday, September 5, 2013

A New School Year

Naomi started school a few weeks ago.  This is her third year and final year in preschool.  She moved up from the afternoon class for younger preschoolers to the morning class for older preschoolers.  The morning class is a special education class embedded in a Head Start kindergarten readiness class.  So instead of Noami being in a class of 5 to 8, she is now in a class of 25!  The first two weeks it was just her class.  The Head Start kids started this week.  Half came yesterday, half come today and they all come on Friday.  We are all anxious to see how Naomi does being in such a big class, with all of her issues with noise and commotion, etc.  Yesterday went well.  

So far, Naomi has been loving school, as usual!  She is a lot like Daddy, who loved school so much that he cried on the last day because he was sad that it was over and missed it over summer break.  She has had a hard time getting used to drinking her juice bubba at snack time, but yesterday finally had a breakthrough and drank 7 ounces.  So that was very good!  She's also been doing good work with her therapists.   She told her teachers with her cards on the first day that she was going to watch shows when she got home that day.  Naomi is an optimist. 

 Below are some pictures from the first few weeks. 

Naomi on the first day of school.  Because Mommy now has Lydia too, Mommy did not have any time to make Naomi her school clothes this year, which Mommy very much missed doing.  However, we did have a new experience as a result, which was back to school shopping!  It was fun.  

Naomi and Lydia on the first day.

Naomi is riding a new van this year with a new driver.  It has been going well for her and she likes this van too.  Deb is still her aide, for which we are very greatful.  Naomi and Deb make a great team. 

We tell Naomi that riding the lift is like being at DelGrosso's Amusment Park.  She thinks this is funny, as she gives me a little smirk and head turn every time I say it. 

Signs of excitement:  Stiff legs, hands by mouth, head turned to the side.  

More excitement:  Licking the head rest on her seat.  

Showing delight.  Those of you who know Naomi in real life know exactly the sounds she is making to go with these motions...a breathy hhhaaaa!  hhhhaaaa!

Naomi and Clementine all ready for school on the second day. 

Trying to get a picture of Lydia with Naomi and Clementine.  This is what I got instead.  

Naomi and Lydia playing together after school.  

Naomi all ready for school last Thursday.  

Naomi and Clementine exercising in the stander and watching shows after school. Sometimes optimism is rewarded, as long as she does her work too.   

Naomi all ready for school yesterday morning.  

Lydia had to get some matching outfits too.  Too cute.  Also, Lydia is walking!  At nine months.  Yay, Lydia!


  1. Nice blog post and I enjoyed the pics. On the selfish side Grandma already misses the most everyday visits and swims and Poppa said he is sad that the pool is closed. That is a first!

  2. Love, love, love Naomi's knee socks. And it's nice she got a new van. It's a sweet ride!