Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas At Nana and Grampy's House

We had Christmas at Nana and Grampy's house last weekend since they are going to visit my brother in Massachusetts for Christmas.  It was a really nice visit.  Anne and I came in on Saturday afternoon and went to the Penguins game that night.  Nana and Grampy baby sat Naomi and let her stay up late as a treat (although part of it was wild kicking on the bed for half an hour.  She then cooperated by staying in bed the next day past seven (yay Naomi).  We had a nice breakfast of cinnamon rolls and omelet bake and then opened present.  We got Nana and Grampy a new camera since every time they take a picture with their old camera the batteries were dead.  Naomi received lots of nice clothes including a Penguin sweatsuit as well as a tinier version of her best friend Violet.   Anne and I received many nice things as well.  We then took Naomi to the Monroeville Mall to ride Santa's train (for the fourth time).  She loved it again, and a little boy even chose to sit in her car with her (must be the beautiful blond curly hair).  We had a delicious dinner of ham, potatoes, brussel sprouts, corn, and pineapple souffle.  It was supposed to be during Naomi's nap... only Naomi decided not to nap.  We left Sunday afternoon and had a great time.  Merry Christmas!
Naomi playing with Grampy
Naomi is unsure about Christmas

She stuck her finger in the light socket

Naomi and Daddy opening presents

Naomi is not pleased with all the clothes

She needs to be consoled with hugs and a show on the lap top

All Better!

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