Friday, December 9, 2011

School with Daddy

On Tuesday I had the day off, and I took Naomi to her preschool class and stayed as her "aide".  It was a lot of fun.  School starts at 12:30 and the other kids get off the van (eventually Naomi will ride the van) and everyone files in.  There were 4 other 3 year olds in Naomi's class.  One who has to be belted in at all times because of incessant running.  This child loves ketchup and requests it frequently during snack.  There is another child who is also new in class.  He is a typically rambunctious boy who is into everything.  Then another child, who doesn't talk much either and apparently fell asleep on the van and was inconsolable and cranky for most of the day, but is apparently sweet and pleasant most other days when there is no sleeping on the van.  Then one more who does not talk much, but is mobile and points a lot.  This child is really sweet and loves Naomi, running up and touching her and made sure she was included.  The kids are all really cute. Naomi's teacher is great - she has a lot of energy.

 Naomi has her own chair with a belt around an activity table.  The kids all start by putting the letters of their name on a poster around the activity table.  Naomi does not like this.  She cried and was offended.  There was play time then, when she did a puzzle while being assuaged with a lot of books.  One child stole Naomi's puzzle and was reprimanded, but Naomi did not mind.  Then there was circle time.  Circle time involves her teacher showing a picture of each kid and singing a song about them being there.  Naomi sat in a cube chair with a tray.  When the kids clap along Naomi bangs the tray.  Following this there is saluting the flag, helping with the weather, and the days of week.  Each kid helps with an activity and Naomi helped pick the correct day of the week.  All through you have kids bolting and squirming and talking and yelling and general chaos.  Normally Naomi cries in situations like this but she loved it.  She was hooting and hollering and laughing the whole time.

Naomi then "built people".  Building people is a computer program where she hits a switch and each time a person is built on the screen hangman style and then the person dances.  Naomi did this while standing with support in her braces for about 20 minutes.  We can't get her to stand for 20 seconds without fussing.  She was laughing and getting excited.

We then tried to do School and answer question but Naomi was not that interested.  She had some stretch out time and Juice Bubba.  She worked with the speech therapist, who tried to get her to answer some questions about animals, and then we played with the IPAD.

Finally it was snack time and the kids all got yogurt and chicken nuggets.  Most of the kids got many helpings of ketchup.  Naomi ate 1/3 of a yogurt sitting with the kids which is amazing since we can't get her to eat with out the tv.  Finally at 2:55 Naomi had had enough (See below).  We had a great day at school.

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