Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve at Grandma and Papa's and Christmas morning

Watching a show in her pretty dress.

Spending some quiet snuggle time with Mommy and Papa.

 Looking content on Mommy's lap.

 Loving being held up high by Daddy

The gift opening scene Christmas Eve.

  This is exactly what Mommy asked for.

Having fun playing with Grandma and her new singing dog toy.

Putting cookies out for Santa.

 Trying to open her presents Christmas morning, but playing with an old favorite toy instead.

Vaguely tolerating the sight of new books.

 Looking at the new books did not last long.  Mommy will work on it and she will like them eventually.

Daddy opening a special tree ornament Naomi made for us at preschool.

Reading an old book while Daddy shows her her new ornanment.  This is her fourth Christmas!

Naomi still loves her old books.  Here she is reading her book about Santa's reindeer.

Naomi in her Santa's elf suit with Uncle Joel later on Christmas Day.  She really liked how high tall  Uncle Joel could hold her.  

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